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Helping street children in Kenya

Here at Life-Guard HQ, we were recently contacted by John Savill, a Life-Guard user who supports 'Harambee for Kenya who help the street children of Kenya. The charity provide safe houses in areas where young people are homeless.
The children keep hens and sell the eggs in local markets. The hens bought at local markets are not in the best of health. John asked if we would consider a charity donation and we were thrilled to send him some Life-Guard for the hens in Kenya.

Says John ‘Thank you once again for your generous donation of Life-Guard. I am pleased to say I was able
to transport this to Kenya without any problems.
It was most gratefully received by Andrew our
Kenya trustee and the boys at the Kisii Safe House -
I am sure the hens appreciate it as well!

The hens are doing very well - as you can see they are hybrid hens and similar to UK ex-barn hens in size and colour. The egg production was a bit low while I was there, possibly a seasonal low, but no doubts Life-Guard will help increase future yield! Many thanks for supporting us in this way. We and the boys are again most grateful.

With sincere thanks, John Savill 'Harambee for Kenya'